The People of the Dome

The following database contains the names, nicknames, initials, and symbols of students of the College of Emporia and the Way College who signed the Anderson Memorial Library’s dome between 1920 and 1991.

The names on the wall were written by graduating seniors from each college as a way to memorialize their presence at the college. In at least one instance, a student who was not in a graduating class signed the dome. The poem found at the top of this page was written anonymously in commemoration of this rite of passage.

Each name was meticulously recorded and photographed by Nicholas M. Gronseth, a graduate student in the Department of Social Sciences, during an Archives Internship project in the Spring of 2006.

There are three ways to view the pictures of the names as they appear on the walls of the dome:

– Use the search box below to type in a name or portion of the name you seek. A list of search results that include your search term will appear. To view an image of the name as it appears in the dome, click on the desired name from the list.
– Browse a complete list of names included (arranged alphabetically by first name) in the database, and click on the name that you wish to view from the list.
– Browse all of the photos in the database by clicking here. (Due to the size of the images, this page will load slowly).
Questions and feedback regarding this database are most welcome. Please contact Ashley Todd-Diaz, Curator of Special Collections and Archives, to share your thoughts and memories of the dome.