Manuscript Collections

Ordered Alphabetically


  1. Jessie Irene Brookover Barrier Papers
  2. Beatrix Potter Beswick Figurines
  3. Brian Beattie Papers
  4. Robert Berning Pennants
  5. Robert Berning’s Negatives and Paperweight
  6. Lena Gamble Bixler Papers
  7. William Albert Black Papers
  8. Gary and Barbara Bleeker Children’s Book Author Collection
  9. Ina Borman Papers
  10. Betty Boylan Papers
  11. Brigadier General William A. Bloomer Collection
  12. Brigadier General William A. Bloomer Oral History Interview
  13. Virginia E. Burdick Papers
  14. Caroline Broomand Collection
  15. Hubert R. Buckles Papers


  1. L. Harold Caldwell Papers
  2. Ray Call Research Materials
  3. Harry J. and Helen Wilson Carnine Papers
  4. Charles Cash Papers
  5. John W. Chapman Papers
  6. Stewart Clare Papers
  7. Penny Clark Papers
  8. Sally Conard Photographs
  9. Leona Craft Creager Papers
  10. Ella Mary Crichton Papers
  11. Opal Crissman Papers


  1. Margaret S. Denniston Papers
  2. Ruth DeTurk Papers


  1. Emporia, Kansas, Commemorative Handkerchief
  2. Emporia’s Ascent:  How the Town Grew and Life Changed from 1950 to 2000
  3. Emporia Press Review
  4. Emporia State University Debate Program Trophy Collection
  5. Emporia’s Upper Room, Typescript by James W. Putnam


  1. Faculty Wives Club Records
  2. Virginia Welch Forbeck Papers
  3. Jessie L. Forde Papers
  4. Annette Foster Papers
  5. Freshman Beanie


  1. Roy Gallup Papers
  2. Mary S. Taylor Gantz Papers
  3. Margaret May Wood Gates Papers
  4. The Geology of Kansas by Lyman C. Wooster
  5. Gilson Players Pin and Kansas Master Teachers Watch
  6. Evelyn Moyer Griffin Papers
  7. Eugene E. Grissom Papers
  8. Rose A. Grubbs Papers
  9. Charles Wilford Guthrie’s Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity Paddle


  1. Achsah M. Harris Papers
  2. John E. Hinshaw Papers
  3. Historic American Buildings Surveys: William Allen White House, Main House, and William Allen White House, Mother’s House
  4. A History of the Early Settlers in Emporia
  5. Wilma Adeline Hogan Papers
  6. Ida Anna Cook Hosler Papers
  7. May Hughes Scrapbook
  8. Margaret Keller Humphrey Papers


  1. Iden Meditation Upper Room Collection
  2. Portrait of Frederick Neil Innes, inscribed to James Cuthbert


  1. Gertrude M. Jenks Papers


  1. Kansas Geography by Anne M. Goebel, John B. Heffelfinger, and Delore Gammon
  2. Kansas Sporophytes Theme by Clara V. Ewing
  3. Kansas State Normal School Souvenirs
  4. Kansas State Teachers College Pin
  5. Lyman B. Kellogg Family Papers
  6. Maude Celista Kibler Papers


  1. Loverne L. Papers
  2. Lois Lenski Papers
  3. Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin by James Parton
  4. Alma Ise Lindley Papers
  5. Hattie Horner Louthan Collection
  6. Herbert G. Lull Paper


  1. Lorraine Mall Papers
  2. Audio recordings of May Massee reading Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey
  3. Grace L. Metz Papers
  4. Patricia S. Miller Collection
  5. Isabel Milligan Papers
  6. Modern Math Demonstration Boards
  7. Alvin E. Morris Papers
  8. Loverne L. Morris and Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher Papers


  1. Clifford H. Nowlin Papers


  1. Laura Brown Page Papers
  2. W. W. Parker Papers
  3. Herbert J. Partridge Papers
  4. Ellen Plumb Papers
  5. Post card views of Kansas State Normal School Campus
  6. Post card with a view of the State Normal School, Emporia, Kansas
  7. Postal Card, Arbor Day on the Kansas State Normal School campus
  8. Dorothy Potts Photographs
  9. Prize in Debate Pin
  10. James W. Putnam Papers


  1. Everett Rich Papers
  2. Edith Ridgeway Papers
  3. The F. O. Rindom Collection of Upper Room Letters
  4. Rootabaga Stories by Carl Sandburg, Illustrated by Maud and Miska Petersham


  1. Laura Schlobohm Recording
  2. “Second Reunion of The Upper Room” Program and Letter
  3. Lillie Sexton Papers
  4. Mary Jane Watson Short Papers
  5. Sigma Alpha Iota Records
  6. Program for Sophomore Class Celebration at Mit-Way, Emporia, Kansas
  7. Spotlight Stateside USO Troop Collection
  8. Mary Stauffer’s Alpha Sigma Tau Records
  9. J. Robert Steel Collection
  10. Rose Marie Steinweden Papers
  11. Carolyn Stone Papers
  12. Sunflower Journeys Videotapes
  13. Sunflower Journeys Videotapes


  1. Fred Thompson’s Freshman Beanie
  2. Fred and Maud Thompson Fraternity and School Pins


  1. University of Toronto Vertical File on Department of Librarianship at Kansas State Teachers College
  2. Unidentified Photo Album No. 1
  3. Upper Room Bulletin 1920-1921, Volume VII
  4. Upper Room Bulletin 1928-1929, Volume XIV
  5. Upper Room Letters from Bible Lands by Thomas Medary Iden


  1. Myrtle Berges Valburg Photographs


  1. Norman O. Walrafen’s Walnor Crafts Wood Crafts
  2. Bill Watts Papers
  3. Roland Webb Photographs
  4. “William Allen White in His Garden,” Better Homes and Gardens, volume 6, number 4, December 1927
  5. Photographs of 2002 William Allen White Library renovation
  6. Capy Williams Papers
  7. Grace May Enfield Wood Papers
  8. Forrest Woodside Papers


  1. Yes I Can Basketball Camp Poster


  1. Dr. John J. Zimmerman Papers

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