The Literary World of William Allen White

Special Collections and Archives has opened the first of two major exhibits on William Allen White’s life and work. The Literary World of William Allen White focuses on White’s career as a writer. Learn about the history behind his three most famous editorials, sample his wit and wisdom with some humorous and insightful quotations, explore … More The Literary World of William Allen White

From Emporia, to the World

All throughout 2018, Special Collections and Archives will celebrate the sesquicentennial of William Allen White with exhibits and special events. Our newest exhibit, in the International Display Case on the library’s second floor, focuses on White’s autobiography. Published in 1946, two years after his death, The Autobiography of William Allen White earned the 1947 Pulitzer … More From Emporia, to the World

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” –Stephen King

Books, books, and more books! In every corner of Special Collections and Archives, we have several types of books. Old, new, rare, and highly distinguished, we are proud to give you a little insight into what we have to offer to researchers and other patrons.   This is from a recent donation. The collection of … More “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” –Stephen King