Alvin E. Morris

The fall 2016 exhibit Celebrating Voices: Yours, Mine and Ours, was quite fun for me as I created the display of Alvin E. Morris’ voice at ESU and beyond. In choosing the voice for my display, I was torn in what I wanted to show off. I ultimately chose a war veteran of World War II, Alvin E. Morris.

Lucky for me, his collection was not too extensive and I did not feel torn between the documents I wanted to present. In his collection, we hold a letter to “All First Battalion Personnel,” two internet articles: “The Ardennes: The Battle of the Bulge,” and “The Final Battle: April 12-May 8, 1945,” the key and maps of operations along the Belgium-Luxembourg border, Combat History, 137th Infantry Regiment, World War II, some photographs of Company B reunions, and a scrapbook that contains the majority of Morris’ military documents, certificates, and some group photos. Out of his collection, I used his letter, a certificate that indicated his lowest rank, and a certificate that indicated his promotion to his highest rank. I also used the two group photos from the scrapbook for my display panel. These were used in combination to illustrate Morris’ leadership, because he began as a private and moved up the ranks to Lieutenant Colonel, a high position in the military.

Because Morris attended Kansas State Teachers College (now Emporia State University), he was also featured in the Sunflower yearbooks. He was a part of multiple honorary fraternity groups and was also featured in the Who’s Who section of 1948. These yearbooks were used to illustrate his academic achievement in undergraduate school.

Morris continued his Masters at Kansas State Teachers College and the library hold his thesis, which I also used on display to illustrate his achievement after undergraduate school.

After graduating from Kansas State Teachers College, Morris found his way into the Wichita public school system and became the supervisor of schools there. Unfortunately, Emporia State University does not have any thing of Morris’ after graduation from Kansas State Teachers College and retirement from the Army.

Morris led a very impacting life, and more is to be said in my display. Come check it out, as well as all of the other awesome displays on exhibit!!!

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Blog posted by Kyra Caldwell on October 11, 2016.


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