Marching Hornets and Hornet Revue

Two of the loudest voices on campus are the Marching Hornets and Hornet Revue. They are seen and definitely heard at football and basketball games. I chose these specific voices because I am involved in both ensembles. Many people think that the marching band or Hornet Revue is made up of only music majors or that they are there for the scholarship. In reality, the members of these ensembles are there because they want to be there and they love the experiences that go with it. Yes, being in marching band takes up a lot more time than the one credit hour leads you to believe. Yes, you are sweating and giving up every other Saturday, but in the end, it is well worth it. What makes being in both of these ensembles worth it, is the friendships and the bonds that you form and all of the experiences you encounter during your time in these ensembles. I consider many of these people my friends and some even family.

There was a lot of items to choose from and it was hard to chose but the items I have chosen represent the past and where both of these ensembles are heading. I chose to do the breastplate piece of a marching band uniform, circa 1975, because it is very visual and is one of the main components in the uniform. There is also a t-shirt from 2015 that is worn by the members of the marching band for when they are in the stands playing and cheering the football team. With the uniforms being very hot, this t-shirt still gives the ensemble a uniform look. Another interesting item is the epaulet. It is not as well-known but is still a visual piece of the uniform. This epaulet features the phrase “Emporia State” in the shape of a circle with a K in the middle. The final uniform piece in the display is the Hornet Revue polo shirt. It is black with strips of gold by the shoulders. This polo shirt was worn with black slacks and black shoes.

There is also videos of performances from both the Marching Hornets and Hornet Revue, but due to technical issues I was unable to show them in the display. But if someone ever wanted to watch them, feel free to come to Special Collections and Archives to watch them. On one disk is the Marching Hornets warming up, their complete pregame show, one of their halftime shows, their Veteran’s Day show, and their exhibition show for their annual marching festival. On the other disk is videos from when the Hornet Revue was playing at the MIAA women’s basketball tournament in Kansas City and the NCAA Division II women’s basketball tournament at Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas. These videos include Iron Man by Black Sabbath, “Hall of Fame” by the Script, “Hello” by Adele.

In both of these ensembles, hard-working individuals come from all walks of life and do what they can to be sure that their voices are heard by all at Emporia State University and the community of Emporia.

By:Ally Urban


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