The Annual National Invitational Drawing Exhibition

I chose the Annual National Invitational Drawing Exhibition for my display because it represents many different voices within each drawing that is included. The voice of the artist is present through the actual work of art itself, including the medium and the title, while the voice of the viewer is apparent through each individual person’s … More The Annual National Invitational Drawing Exhibition

Unboxing Stories from Black Emporia

When I was first hired as a Graduate Assistant in the Special Collections and Archives, I was tasked with reorganizing the Black Emporia: Interpretations and Connections Collection. After many long months, I became quite close with the contents of those twenty-five boxes. Dr. Carol Marshall, Nellie Essex, and Elizabeth Williams created this collection to help … More Unboxing Stories from Black Emporia

Alvin E. Morris

The fall 2016 exhibit Celebrating Voices: Yours, Mine and Ours, was quite fun for me as I created the display of Alvin E. Morris’ voice at ESU and beyond. In choosing the voice for my display, I was torn in what I wanted to show off. I ultimately chose a war veteran of World War … More Alvin E. Morris